Man seeking legal advice after being caught abusing Māori woman on camera

A man caught on camera verbally abusing a Māori woman says he is considering legal action.

Jim Keenan, the subject of the video, told Te Ao Māori News he was seeking legal advice following the outrage caused by the widely-shared video.

"I've got legal advice due to issues created by this and I did nothing wrong," he said, "There was nothing racist and that was the end of it."

The video has gone viral since the time of posting, and has been shared more than 200,000 times.

In the video, the woman alleges she was cut off on a motorway by the man. She followed his car until he stopped, at which point he got out of his car and began hurling abuse.

"The first thing he said to me was you black piece of f**king shit."

She says she followed him and then turns the camera to show a black ute, with the man's company website on the back.

"And here he is whanau - racist," she says as the man grimaces and pulls the finger at her.

"Haven't you got a job?" he asks her, and then tells her to "f**k off".

The tirade of abuse continues, with him yelling at the woman, calling her a "dopey bitch", a "piece of shit", and "lowlife scum".

"Get a f**king job you lazy bitch," the man says.

"Oh buddy," says the woman calmly. "I'm an educated wahine. An educated Māori wahine.

"I actually facilitate a mental health programme! So maybe you should join!"

Jim Keenan has denied he was racist towards to woman in the video, and says the video was a "simple case of road rage, taken out of context".

He refused to confirm to Newshub what legal advice he is pursuing, and says that everyone can "just bugger off".

"She followed me down the road, she stalked me, and now this is in the hands of the police."

The woman in the video has not responded to Newshub's requests for comment.