Man who snapped Wellington's Len Lye sculpture sentenced to community service

The man who snapped Wellington waterfront's Len Lye sculpture by swinging on it has been sentenced to community service, and ordered to pay reparations.

28-year-old Wellington local, Hunter Macdonald appeared in court on Wednesday. He was charged with wilful damage, and has been sentenced to 150 hours of community service.

He has also been ordered to pay $1000 in reparations.

The sculpture is worth an estimated $300,000 and Wellington Mayor Justin Lester said it cost more than $1 million to install.

In October, Macdonald was filmed hanging on the "Water Whirler" sculpture. As he made his way along it bent over the water and snapped, sending him into the harbour. 

He claimed he hadn't seen any sign telling him not to climb it.

"A crowd started to form, sort of egging me on," he told Stuff  "I think they enjoyed watching it. I was sort of taking it further and further... before I knew it; the sculpture snapped so suddenly [and] came down hard on my head."

The sculpture landed on his head resulting in him going to hospital. 



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