Ominous Bible verse left on Christchurch shooting memorial in Auckland

A Bible verse left on a memorial for Christchurch terror attack victims in Auckland will be removed after its sinister meaning was revealed.

The scripture, from the Gospel of Luke, was scrawled on a wall owned by development company Precinct Properties in Britomart, Auckland CBD. The wall was opened up last week as a makeshift tribute for the victims of the mosque shooting on March 15.

However, the memorial has since been marred by the addition of Luke 19:27. After being brought to its attention on Wednesday, Precinct told Stuff it would remove the verse.

The English Standard Version of Luke 19:27 reads: "But as for these enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slaughter them before me."

While the intended meaning of the scripture, which quotes Jesus, is already a point of contention for biblical scholars, it takes on much darker connotations in the context of a terror attack which targeted the Islamic community.

The man who looked up the verse's meaning and reported it to media described it as "a bit sick".

"I just think whoever put it up there knew they avoided context and knew it would speak to people who looked it up," Duncan Lewis told Stuff.

"Without any surrounding context, it shows a particular standpoint and indicates that anyone of one particular faith is not deserving of equal treatment."

Precinct has not responded to Newshub's request for comment.

The Christchurch attack, an appalling act of violent terrorism that claimed 50 lives and injured dozens more, took place on March 15. A National Remembrance Service for the victims is scheduled for Friday.


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