Paul Tainui refuses to look at victim's loved ones during sentencing for murder

A monster who doesn't "deserve the air" he breathes was just some of the ways the heartbroken family of a murdered Christchurch woman described the man who savagely killed her.

Paul Tanui, who killed Kimberly Schroder in 1994, was sentenced to 28 years in prison on Thursday for the murder of Nicole Tuxford.

His intense stare never wavered from the front of the room as he sat in the dock.

"Can you look at me while I speak to you please? I didn't think so," said one of Tuxford's loved ones.

As one by one of Tuxford's family and partner rose from their seats behind him, taking their first opportunity to address the man who'd savagely murdered the 27-year-old inside her Merivale home last April.

"You do not deserve the air you breathe. You are a reject of this room and to this world," said Cherie Gillat, Tuxford's mother.

Tainui met Tuxford through friends, he wanted a romantic relationship - she didn't.

Just as he had 24 years earlier on the West Coast when he murdered ex-girlfriend Schroeder, Tainui sought revenge for rejection from Tuxford, breaking into her home lying in wait for eight hours armed with knives - raping her before cutting her throat.

"I saw what you did to my sister. Every cut, every injury you inflicted upon her, she fought so hard, she fought for her life," said Jess Tuxford.

Tuxford's heartbroken family say the parole board should never have released Tainui in August 2011 for the first murder.

"He never had to be let out. That's a decision they chose to make. They didn't have to. He should have never have been let out, not after what he did the first time," said Tuxford's sister Christine Armishaw.

The parole board says its standing by its decision to release Tainui in 2011 saying its followed due process and with all the information it had available to them at the time.

It will be 28 years before the parole board will have to consider a similar decision - by then the double murderer will be aged 83.