Phil Goff's mayoral bid provides hope for waterfront stadium

Phil Goff's decision to run for re-election as Auckland Mayor is good news for a possible waterfront stadium, according to one of the idea's biggest supporters.

The head of the Auckland Waterfront Consortium, Dave Wigmore, is optimistic that Mr Goff has a new city stadium in his sights.

"What we've seen from Phil and certainly from the discussions with him is that he is quite keen on a CBD stadium.

"But I think he sees there being more than one option and he wants to see that investigated properly. And we're fully supportive of that."

Mr Wigmore says all mayoral candidates will be briefed on the options available for a waterfront stadium, but is confident his enclosed, multi-purpose stadium alongside Bledisloe Wharf will be the best option.

Mr Goff has stated that he would have to increase rates over the next three years to pay for the growing city's services.


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