Police slam fake firearm hand-in forms

Police are seething as the new firearms laws bring with it a host of not-so-funny practical jokers.

Some members of the public are clearly unhappy about the law change, which bans military style semi-automatic firearms and asks for anyone in possession of such a weapon to hand it in to police.

"Some people have decided it is a good use of their time to misuse the form and submit 'fake' notifications to hand in weapons," said Assistant Commissioner Tusha Penny in a statement.

"While these individuals may be short of productive work to do, police are not. In the current environment this is unacceptable," she continued.

"These vexatious forms are a huge waste of police time and resources which could be put to better use."

On Thursday, police set up an 0800 number dedicated to firearm changes, which has proven to be in high demand. People who need help filling in a form are encouraged to call 0800 311 311.

The number received 474 calls by 11am - at one point, 127 people called within the space of one hour.

Over a thousand people have contacted police to hand in their firearms. Currently, an amnesty is in place that allows people to surrender their guns without legal action against them.

The amnesty period will run until further notice.