Rouxle Le Roux apologises for 'kill em with kindness' caption

Hit-and-run driver Rouxle Le Roux has taken to Facebook to apologise for a caption saying "kill 'em with kindness".

The 19-year-old was sentenced to 11 months' home detention and 250 hours of community service for killing teenage cyclist Nathan Kraatskow at an Albany intersection after she had consumed wine and cannabis. Le Roux was on her learner license at the time.

On Facebook on Monday, Le Roux said her use of the phrase "kill 'em with kindness" was not in relation to Mr Kraatskow's death, instead it was a "saying which I have been trying to live by lately".

Rouxle Le Roux apologises for 'kill em with kindness' caption
Photo credit: Facebook/Rouxle Le Roux.

Newshub understands Le Roux since deleted or made private the post in question.

"This is something I have had to learn to do with the amount of negative comments and hate I receive."

She made headlines in 2018 for an Instagram post of her wearing an orange jailhouse uniform with the caption "hide yo' kids".

Rouxle Le Roux apologises for 'kill em with kindness' caption
Photo credit: Instagram/Rouxle Le Roux

And last week Le Roux was in trouble after she failed to appear at the door when police knocked, breaching a condition of her sentence, although Le Roux claims she was at home at the time.

Despite this, Le Roux said she is doing a good job at sticking to her conditions, and in her recent post, says she wants people to focus on their own lives, rather than hers.

"Just trying to do better by turning my life around and have actually been doing a really awesome job so far despite all of the negative publicity.

"No matter what I say or how I say it my words are always going to be taken out of context by the people that are opinionated about me, so go ahead and hate."

Le Roux's case caused national outrage in 2018, with members of the public claiming she got off too lightly and should have spent time in prison.

Nathan Kraatskow's parents presented a petition signed by 150,000 people to Parliament in December asking for a harsher sentence, but Crown Law wouldn't launch an appeal.

Others accused the court of racist bias in Le Roux's sentencing, comparing her case to that of Broc Kawhenua, who was given four years behind bars for a hit-and-run in 2017.


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