Super strong MDMA pills circulating in New Zealand

Super strong MDMA pills are circulating in New Zealand.

Drug-checking organisation KnowYourStuffNZ revealed some of the pills tested over summer 2018/2019 had up to four doses of the drug in one pill.

The pills were also found to contain a variety of fillers and KnowYourStuffNZ said in a statement there were anecdotal reports some pills contained ketamine.

KnowYourStuffNZ warned users should be cautious in their approach to the drugs and avoid taking them. If users do take them they should take a third of a pill at most, and wait at least an hour before considering taking more.

"Taking too much MDMA can result in a very unpleasant experience, health risks, and sometimes even death.

"If you or someone you know has taken one of these pills and experiences dizziness and vomiting, a sharp rise in body temperature, muscle cramping, heart palpitations, seizures, or unconsciousness, seek medical attention immediately."

Some batches of MDMA were found to be laced with n-ethylpentylone, also known as bath salts, earlier in 2019.

The drug has been associated with deaths overseas and hospitalisations in New Zealand, including 13 in Christchurch early last year.