'They are targeting me': Rouxle le Roux slams Corrections after charge dropped

Rouxle le Roux is criticising Corrections over its handling of her home detention monitoring.

Le Roux was sentenced to 11 months' home detention and 250 hours of community service for killing teenager Nathan Kraatskow during a hit-and-run in Albany.

But in February she failed to answer the door when probation officers arrived and was charged with breaching her home detention conditions. She says she didn't hear the knocking due to nearby construction work.

The charge was withdrawn ahead of her appearance in the North Shore District Court on Tuesday, but Le Roux was unhappy, saying "I feel Corrections let me down" and hadn't done enough to contact her.

"I have to be home every day, they know when I'm not home because they can track me," she told NZME.

"No matter what I do or say I feel they are targeting me in a sense."

Her lawyer, Belinda Sellars QC, told Newshub that "'target' might not be the right word".

"I think certainly everybody on a sentence like that has very stringent conditions. She'd be no different from anybody on that," she told Newshub.

"It's not uncommon for there to be this sort of miscommunication and it's not uncommon for people to have some difficulties at some point with their sentence.

"I think because this has all really been a miscommunication and it's unfortunate that with this miscommunication it's reignited a whole lot of publicity that wasn't really necessary when people are at a time that they need hopes and healing."

Ms Sellars says getting the charge dropped was "absolutely" the outcome she wanted.

"From my perspective I was surprised that it was ever laid in the first place," she told Newshub.

"It seemed harsh to me - I've never heard of a charge being laid for that in the past. I've not come across one. Normally it's for things that are far more serious."

Le Roux also appeared in the Auckland District Court on Tuesday morning for a judicial monitoring hearing to follow up on her progress.

She's completed a drug and alcohol course and has been helping the local community as part of her community service.

"Her focus is on, as she says basically, complying with her sentence," Ms Sellars told Newshub.

"The purpose of the sentence is not only to punish - so she's doing community work - but it's also to rehabilitate, so getting the most that she can from the courses that she is being suitable to do."


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