Torrential rain causes flooding in Wellington

Wellington woke up to wet weather on Friday as rain lashed at the capital, and areas of the CBD flooded.

Wellington train station flooded to ankle deep in parts, due to a manhole popping. 

The water poured in to the station, and nothing could be done until the rain subsided.

"It was probably around ankle height when I got [to the station]" commuter Eloise O'Shea told Newshub.

"I know it got worse when I was leaving and travelled further down."

Footage of the downpour was posted to Facebook, with people commenting they hoped commuters had bought their gumboots with them.

"The rain timed itself exactly for the commuter rush," Metservice meteorologist Tui McIness told Newshub.

"By about quarter to eight it was hosing down," he said.

""Khandallah has seen 58.7 millimetres of rain since this morning, so that's a pretty decent dumping,"

A severe weather warning is in place, and police have warned motorists to drive to the conditions.

"If it's wet enough to put your wipers on, it makes sense to put your headlights on as well," said Superintendent Steve Greally.

Police are urging people to slow down on the roads, as heavy rain and high winds lash parts of the country.

According to Mr McIness, the heavy rain watch will remain in place until 6pm this evening

"Southerlies have developed across the Cook Strait, which hasn't helped in easing up the rain,"

The weekend is looking slightly less grim however, with showers hitting Wellington on Saturday morning, and then easing into cloud in the afternoon.