Van smashes through Wellington pharmacy wall

The van left wreckage on the street.
The van left wreckage on the street. Photo credit: Newshub

An elderly woman has been transported to hospital after a van crashed through the window of a Johnsonville pharmacy in Wellington.

Pharmacy owner, Geoff Savell, told Newshub he was in the tearoom when he heard a "huge bang and a scream".

A VW transporter mobility van, with its wheelchair ramp down, had come to rest in the middle of his shop after crashing through the shop windows on Moorefield Road.

The van inside the store.
The van inside the store. Photo credit: Newshub

"There were shop fittings all over the place, people standing there in absolute shock. It was quite stunning, you don't expect this to happen," Mr Savell says.

Photos taken at the scene show police, fire and emergency staff looking at the wreckage scattered on the street.

Police confirmed an elderly woman using a walking frame had been knocked off her feet. She has been transported to hospital.

No shop staff were injured in the incident.

The van had its mobility ramp down.
The van had its mobility ramp down. Photo credit: Newshub

"I was amazed by the response from customers and staff, it's great for your heart to see people help like that," Mr Savell says.

He was unsure exactly how the van came to be in the shop.

"The driver managed to avoid steel pillars and concrete kerbs and still ended up parked in the front of the shop," he says.