Watch: Courier van driver 'kept his cool' as car causes near head-on collision

Dashcam footage has captured the moment a car almost collided head-on with a Fastway Courier van.

Stephen Carter and Allan Elder were driving just outside of Bankside, on their way home to Oamaru, when they saw the car approaching them on the wrong side of the road.

"We saw the car in the distance, and we thought what is this idiot doing?" Stephen told Newshub.

Stephen's friend, Allan Elder, was driving the van at the time of the near-collision.

"He did the right thing by maintaining his line. Someone who did not know what they were doing might have pulled to the left."

Stephen and Allan both spend a lot of time on the roads as courier drivers, and Stephen says their experience helped them to keep their composure.

 "Allan kept his cool - what was uneventful could have been really nasty," Stephen told Newshub. 

The car had enough room to pull to his right, only just avoiding a head-on collision.

Stephen's wife was following the van, and the couple checked her dashcam to see what happened to the car after they passed it.

Stephen said that they saw the car then pull onto the road and drive straight out in front of the truck driver.

"Because the truck hadn't seen the car on the other side of the road, he said he crapped himself."

Both the driver of the truck and Stephen have laid a complaint with police, who are investigating the incident.





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