Wave e-scooters launch in Auckland, following three month delay

Wave has become the second e-scooter company to launch in Auckland, three months later than it intended to.

Wave officially launched its scooters at an event at Te Puea Marae in Mangere on Tuesday, several months after it was initially due to launch.

There are several differences between Wave and existing scooter company Lime, including speed, the model of scooter and where riders can leave them.

Founder Albert Hoeft said last year the company would be launching at the beginning of 2019, rather than the late 2018 initially planned.

He blamed the delay on concerns around Lime scooters' safety after a high number of accidents when the scooters launched in October.

"I want Wave Scooters to be part of the solution, not part of a problem so I will let Auckland Transport address the current e-scooter rider safety issues, which I am confident it will accomplish in the next three months."

Lime scooters were pulled from the streets in February after it was revealed a software problem had led to their front wheels locking when the scooters were travelling at high speeds.

Auckland Council, especially Mayor Phil Goff, had voiced concerns with the scooters prior to the software issues and had launched an urgent safety enquiry, as well as a scooter safety programme.

What's the difference between Wave and Lime?



Wave e-scooters have a maximum speed of 25km/h, but they will be restricted by 10km/h in certain parts of Auckland CBD.

Scooter model

Wave scooters are a different model to Lime's and are black instead of green and white. Auckland Transport said Wave has assured it the scooters are safe to ride.

"The model of scooters Wave is introducing has been used in other countries, under a different name, with no issue to date.

"Each e-scooter will have a maintenance check each day when they are collected overnight for charging."


The Wave website says scooters need to be dropped off at specific zones, rather than Lime's dock-less scheme that lets users leave the scooters wherever they want.


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