'We've suffered enough': Friends desperate for news of missing man Zakaria Bhuhiyam after Christchurch attack

More tragic stories are emerging from Friday's attack on two Christchurch mosques, but some people still don't know what happened to their loved ones.

Zakaria Bhuhiyam has been missing since Friday, when he went to prayers at the Deans Ave Mosque.

On Sunday, his distraught friends clutched a printed photo of the 30-year-old out the front of Christchurch Hospital, hoping someone might have some answers.

"We are trying to find if he's alive or died," friend Johny Islam told Newshub.

Bhuhiyam's wife and family are still in Bangladesh. The engineer regularly attended the mosque and they say he was definitely there on Friday - his car is still parked outside.

But his name is not on a list of known victims given by police to the families.

"For us he is still missing because we got the list, because according to the list he's not there and he's not in the hospital as well, so where he is, we don't know," Islam says.

The 50 victims have been removed from both shooting scenes, with police working as fast as they can to formally identify each person.

"That part of the repsonse is continuing as quickly and professionally as possible," Police Commissioner Mike Bush says.

It's little comfort to Bhuiyam's friends, who haven't eaten and barely slept since events unfolded on Friday.

"Don't you think we've suffered enough?" Islam says. "Don't you think Friday was enough for us? We have been waiting 48 hours now."

Two other Bangladesh citizens have been identified as casualties from the attack. Islam says it's been a torturously painful wait for their families back home.

"They want their loved ones back home, they just want to see them."

Bhuyiam's friends refuse to let go of his photos, holding out in the hope they'll get any answer on their missing friend.


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