Wellington Central Library forced to close over earthquake risk

Wellington's Central Library will close due to earthquake risk.

The announcement was made by Wellington Mayor Justin Lester and City Council Executive Kevin Lavery on Tuesday afternoon.

The library will remain closed from 8.30pm on Tuesday until further notice, according to Lester.

He said the building was not damaged, and had not been damaged by the quakes, but the vulnerabilities are such that it needs to be closed.

An assessment on Monday revealed issues with the concrete floor.

A spokesperson for the library told Newshub they are not expecting any job losses, and are developing alternatives for offering library services.

The library has about 3,000 visitors a day, 500 of those being children.

Currently the building is at 63 percent of code, so the library could legally stay operational.

However, Lester says this is not an option.

"We're not legally obliged to close this building, we're morally obliged."



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