Wellington street festival CubaDupa moved inside due to 'public safety concerns'

One of Wellington's most iconic street festivals has undergone a huge change this year - the event will be held indoors for the first time.

The organisation behind the event says the decision was made in light of recent events.

"To reflect public concerns and safety we have decided that a street festival is impractical," said Tim Brown, Chair of the Creative Capital Arts Trust and CubaDupa.

Earlier this month, 50 people were murdered in a terror attack at two Christchurch mosques. New Zealand's terror threat has remained high since the shooting.

"We are making alternative arrangements so that the music and performance can be staged indoors."

CubaDupa has been a staple festival for Wellingtonians since 1998, and Brown says organisers are working to provide an alternative programme that will accommodate the event. 

"We have managed to find venues for a lot of what was going to happen on the streets," said CubaDupa's artistic director Drew James.

"We are going to put on a brilliant show, and I hope the people of Wellington and many visitors will turn out and enjoy the performances, and show their solidarity."

CubaDupa usually attracts between 10,000 and 20,000 people.

"CubaDupa is an event that celebrates community spirit in a highly visible way, so it's obviously disappointing this year's festival has to be shifted indoors," said the CEO of Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency, Lance Walker.

"We fully support the decision the Creative Capital Arts Trust has made, and will continue to support them in delivering a great event, albeit a scaled back version."



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