Woman with six heart conditions thanks her organ donor in heartwarming speech

Last year, Jessica Manning was given two years to live. She was born with congenital heart disease, and six different heart conditions. She also needed a liver transplant - which aren't easy to come by

"It needs to fit like a puzzle piece," she said last year on The Project.

But on Friday night's episode of The Project, Ms Manning was back - she got the liver she needed. But, after a 20 hour surgery, and four weeks later, she suffered a cardiac arrest.

However, six months on, she's thriving. 

After organising a walk up One Tree Hill, and succeeding, she had a beautiful message for her donor.

"Now this is for my donor," she said through tears

"My priorities weren't about starting uni, finding a job, partying with my friends or saving for a house - it was just about being able to wake up the next morning, and living another day," she continued.

"Donor, wherever you are, I hope you're dancing in the sky, and I hope I'm making you proud."

Watch the full clip above.



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