Xi Wang's haunting photo just before brutal murder

This is the haunting photo mother Xi Wang took just hours before her brutal murder.

For Ms Wang, December 10, 2018 started like any other day. She got her son ready, kissed him on the cheek and they went for a stroll.

Later she posted photos on Facebook of a meal she had prepared. She clinked her own wine glass with a glass of milk held by her son saying "cheers".

At 8:26pm, she posted photos of a desert saying "Chinese iced sugar steamed pear, my kid loves". But just an hour and half after the photo was taken, she heard a knock at the door of her home in Flatbush.

The final photo.
The final photo. Photo credit: Supplied

When she answered it, she was repeatedly stabbed while still holding her son in her arms. At the time, neighbours told Newshub that moments before Police arrived at the property they heard Ms Wang's young child screaming "mum, mum".

On Tuesday, her ex-husband Ephraim Joseph Beazley, 33, entered a guilty plea when he appeared in the Auckland High Court.

A summary of facts from the case reveals Beazley drove to Auckland from Rotorua with the intent of killing Ms Wang with a sheath knife he had previously used on hunting trips.

After Ms Wang opened the door, Beazley, who was wearing a cap to try and hide his identity, stabbed her multiple times as she held their two-year-old son.

While he initially attempted to strike at her throat, Ms Wang blocked him, leading him to stab at her side and legs. There was also at least one stab to the vagina.

After realising he had done enough damage to kill her, Beazley fled the scene and later rang police and admitted to stabbing her.

Ms Wang was left at the house with her child in her arms before a female occupant of the house found her.

She was later taken to hospital where she died after emergency surgery.

Ms Wang and Beazley had previously been in a relationship in Rotorua before it ended acrimoniously two years ago and Ms Wang moved to Auckland with their son.

In the summary of facts, the defendant stated he had "had enough of life in general and particularly the state of his relationship with the victim".

"He stated that he had decided the best option was to kill her."

Beazley will be sentenced on April 2.The child's name is suppressed.


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