95-year-old librarian says goodbye to Palmerston North School after 50 years

Silence, from a hall full of primary school kids. it might seem impossible, but not for this librarian.

Jean Wilkinson first came to Russell Street School in 1969 to help teach deaf students.

Eight years later she founded its library, which now also carries her name

"Time doesn't mean anything when you enjoy what you're doing," she told Newshub.

Now she's such a part of the school, she even has an entire day devoted to her with its own dress code - Jean's Day.

"On Jeans birthday we wear jeans," said one student.

But Jean's decided this is the end of this chapter. 

"I think we might have to get a cardboard cut-out and put it there," said her replacement Rebecca Meade.

So with one last scan, and one last stamp, it's time for 95-year-old Jean to go.

"I think it's age that's caught up with me this time - that's why it's time to go," she said.

Jean has shelved her last book.

Or has she?

"It doesn't look like I'm going to disappear."

She says she'll be back in this library, just off the pay-roll.



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