Advert for $100 'avacados' appears on social media site

The advertisement promised a special deal.
The advertisement promised a special deal. Photo credit: Reddit.

A picture has been shared to social media site Reddit of an ambitious "avacado" seller looking for someone willing to score a bargain.

The advertisement, which was written on a Countdown Customer Service card, reads:

"I have Avacados - special blackmarket quality - $100 each [sic]."    

The post, captioned with "see ya later renters", has been met with confusion by some social media users, due to the glaring typo.

One user suggested "avacado" could mean "green potato", while another called it "the key to home deposits".

Some users said the advert seemed suspicious, with many commenters writing they believed "avacado" could be a code for a specific illegal substance.

"Isn't that super suspicious? Yo man, got some avocados I could pick up tonight? The missus ran out of them and I need my smoothie in the morning," one user wrote.

Another user commented it was a common use of code word.

"I don't think you're alone in this. After we moved into our new place we had multiple people coming to our door for a few weeks asking for avocados," they wrote.

One user simply called the man a "business genius".

One comment said they could have been tempted to cough up the cash if the man did have avocados.

"I'm actually really disappointed it's not avocados. I haven't seen one in three weeks and tempted to cough up the cash if it means I can get my hands on some sweet, sweet millennial house market destroying avocado toast," they wrote.

Many users commented they tried to reach the man with the promised "avacados", but their attempts were unsuccessful.




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