Another boy racer claims he was unfairly treated and mocked by police at Christchurch event

Another man claims he was unfairly treated and mocked by police during a third night of boy racer antics in Christchurch.

The Christchurch Aves Invasion ended in multiple arrests during the Easter weekend, and a number of vehicles were ordered off the road.

The most recent video supplied to Newshub shows a confrontation between boy racers and police.

Luke Henley, who filmed the video, told Newshub he felt he was unfairly targeted by police after being fined $150 early Monday for having bald tyres.

According to the NZ Transport Agency, the minimum legal depth for tyres is 1.5mm.

"We just walked inside [the petrol station] to get a drink - and came out then the cops were just standing there, and told us we need to leave," Henley said.

"That's when I started filming and a cop came over and started going on about how we're not allowed phones on the forecourt.

"Then he didn't even check our tyres properly or anything and said 'oh your tyres look a bit bald'."

Henley said the car had passed its warrant of fitness about two months ago.

"They aren't bald - it has legal tyres on it," he told Newshub.

"Then they took us over, made us park up, surrounded us with a police van and a police car, had about four officers standing around us mocking us really.

"We had an officer standing in front of us saying 'green sticker' and we ended up just getting a $150 ticket."

Henley said it was a frustrating ordeal.

"It's [the vehicle] all registered and woffed - all the tyres have tread.

"We're just quite angry that it wasn't actually properly checked or anything."

A police spokeswoman said police are able to issue an infringement notice on the spot if they deem tyres on a vehicle to be lacking the required amount of tread.

"Anyone who wishes to challenge an infringement notice issued by police can do so in writing," she said in a statement.

On Monday, Jackson Hutchison told Newshub he'd been unfairly arrested and mocked by police, as footage of his arrest emerged.

Police confirmed he'd been arrested for disorderly behaviour, but said the video did not give the full context of the situation.


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