Another fruit fly found: Restrictions back in place in Northcote

A seventh Queensland fruit fly intruder has been found in Auckland.

A male fly was caught in Northcote, 185m from the edge of the previous control zone and 460m from where a cluster was found in February.

Biosecurity NZ spokesperson Catherine Duthie says the fly is related to the six found earlier in the year.

"So we are confident we do have this under control, as far as we know. Obviously we're not taking any chances, so we're going to be ramping up again in Northcote."

Restrictions around the movement of fruit and vegetables have been reintroduced, just two weeks after they were lifted.

"Residents do need to be aware the zone has shifted slightly to encompass this new find," said Ms Duthie.

The new controlled area can be found on the Biosecurity NZ website.

Ms Duthie says while it's disappointing, she isn't concerned.

"This fly is directly related to the initial group of flies that we found, so this is not a new incursion. We believe from the looking at the specimen that it's an older fly, and they've been hanging around for a little bit."

She says it's important the flies don't spread, as they pose a massive threat to the country's $6 billion horticultural industry.


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