Astounding moment Wellington woman spotted walking her 'wolf pack' of 15 dogs

A stunning video of a Wellington woman casually walking a 'pack' of dogs has amazed social media users.

The footage shows Emma Turely hard at work with her 15-strong "wolf pack" - just another day at the office for the Wellington local.

Emma Turely's pack of wolves.
Emma Turely's pack of wolves. Photo credit: Emma Turely

"I started working with dogs nine years ago, although on a much smaller scale," Turely told Newshub.

"I have four dogs of my own and I walk around 10-15 in a pack, depending on the day."

Turely and her pack walk anywhere in the greater Wellington region for up to three hours a day, covering more than 12 kilometres.

"The city walks are important for the packs as it helps teach them how to behave and ignore different distractions - such as noises, smells, people and other dogs."

Turely says that she teaches the dogs general dog etiquette, saying i's "things that all dogs should know, but only a handful do."

And despite the large group of dogs, she's never had any trouble walking them.

"I have slowly built the pack into the size it is over time - a lot of these dogs have been coming [on walks] for three or more years."

And when a new dog joins the group, the other dogs teach him or her the ways of the pack.

"Dogs are very good at learning by example so as long as you have a good stable pack who follows you, growing the pack is relatively simple."

Turely focuses on bringing a sense of calm into the group, and has a set of pack rules the dogs know to stick to.

"A lot of people think if a cat ran in front of us the dogs would chase after it - but they don't, because it is not permitted."

Emma Turely walks all over the greater Wellington region.
Emma Turely walks all over the greater Wellington region. Photo credit: Emma Turely

Wellington local James Buchan was shocked by the sight when he spotted Turely walking her pack in Oriental Bay.

Immediately he whipped out his phone and started recording, sharing it on the popular Vic Deals Facebook group.

"I was laughing to myself and looking around like surely I'm not the only one seeing this?" he told Newshub.

Now the video has been watched more than 400 times, delighting viewers.

"I want this life," one commenter wrote.

Buchan said the sight made his day.

"She is some lady, an absolute legend."