'Barrier's not going to hold us': Passenger terrified after Auckland Harbour Bridge hit and run

Police are hunting for a hit and run driver who caused a car to flip on the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

In the early hours of February 5, a vehicle struck a car and forced it into a barrier on the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Footage of the incident shows the car then flipping and rolling onto its side while the offending vehicle, believed to be an older model silver Toyota Land Cruiser, drives off.

Speaking to Police Ten 7, one of the victims said they were concerned about being shoved off the bridge.

"I was just chatting to my wife and she noticed the car in the third lane. She shouted and said it's going to hit us. I turned the wheel trying to get away, but I was too late. The car just hit us and we careered out of control," he said.

"My biggest worry was that the barrier was not going to hold us. We went over the left lane, hit the barrier and toppled over onto one side."

Police believe it was an accident, but one of the victims said the driver would have known they had hit something and is frustrated they didn't stop and apologise.

The crash broke eight of his wife's vertebrae, as well as her foot and hand. She was also emotionally scarred by the incident. 

Acting Sergeant Warwick Lyes told the television show that the passenger was genuinely scared for he life.

They're appealing for help from anyone who may have witnessed the crash or has seen a Toyota Land Cruiser with significant damage on its side.


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