Bearded men hit back at study claiming their facial hair has more germs than dogs

Bearded Kiwis have hit back at a report that found their facial hair carries more germs than dogs.

The study showed every sampled beard was crawling with bacteria, and nearly half had bugs that were hazardous to human health.

But hairy dog owners spoken to by Newshub say it's not true, as dogs sniff and roll in places they stay clear of.

"I've seen him roll around in some pretty dirty stuff before," Matt Barakauskas said about his dog Hucksley.

But he rates his beard's cleanliness pretty highly.

"It gets shampooed at least three times a week."

Jake Skipper has an impressive beard and a husky named Loki. He says the study is just another attack on the bearded.

"It's cyclical. Beards for a bit are cool and everyone thinks they're healthy and good for your skin because it protects from the elements. And then six months or a year later, beards are filled with germs and disgusting."

Skipper uses a special shampoo and oil to keep his beard smelling good. He takes these extra precautions as he's well aware of the hygiene risks.

"When you eat certain foods your moustache catches bits of food, so you do have to be wary of it. But you just clean it every day you have a shower."

Good friends Eugene Halpin and Mike Grunig both have facial hair and matching dogs Gracey and Cosmo.

They say the dog's fur might be softer but their beards are definitely cleaner.

"Well I mean he doesn't bathe at all," Halpin said.

"Mine is definitely cleaner than hers because she's been in the lagoon and there's stuff in that lagoon I just can't get out of her hair no matter how much I wash and brush her," said Grunig.

"It's all about manscaping isn't it, it's all about taking care of yourself," he added.

Indeed, researchers say that regular shampooing will help set you apart from a dirty dog.