Boy racer claims he was unfairly arrested and mocked by police at Christchurch event

A third night of boy racer antics in Christchurch ended in multiple arrests, with one man claiming he was unfairly treated and mocked by police.

Video has emerged of 19-year-old Jackson Hutchison being arrested on Sunday night while his friend filmed the incident.

Police were out in force during the third Aves Invasion. Multiple arrests were made throughout the weekend and a number of vehicles were ordered off the roads.

Petrol-head events took place on Friday and Saturday nights, and some boy racers were still out in force on Sunday night - one of them being Hutchison, who claims he was unfairly targeted by police.

"Firstly we started at the NPD [service station on Moorhouse Ave] and we were just about to get petrol - then they [police] made everyone leave the station," he told Newshub.

"We couldn't get fuel, so went down the road and filled up at the BP.

"I was on the footpath in front of the petrol station - I was on the phone to one of my friends and then an officer says I need to get off my phone."

Hutchison said he then questioned why he had to get off his phone.

"He then grabbed me and just started pushing me inside."

That's when his friend began filming the incident. Hutchison said he was arrested for assaulting a police officer - he claims he didn't assault anyone, although "may have" touched the police officer with his arm only after he was grabbed.

"The only place I could have assaulted him was in the BP - in the video I didn't assault him at all.

"They then put me in cuffs - I couldn't tense my arms or anything.

"I got put in the wagon, and on the wagon trip [to the police station] they were mocking me and laughing at me."

Held at the police station for about two hours, he said he was released with a pre-charge warning.

"Usually with police - they're quite nice and respectful and all that, but these guys didn't have a care in the world.

"It just made you feel uncomfortable."

Hutchison said the incident "killed" the long weekend for him.

Police confirmed in an email to Newshub Hutchinson had been arrested.

"The 19-year-old man was arrested for disorderly behaviour and given a pre-charge warning.

"It is important to note that as this video appears to start part-way through interaction between Police and the arrested man, the video does not give the full context and circumstances of the situation."


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