Calls for justice after WWI crosses destroyed before Anzac Day

Damaged white crosses.
The vandalism saw numerous white crosses damaged. The crosses were being used as a tribute for Anzac Day. Photo credit: Antonello Savini/Facebook

Calls for action against an "unacceptable" act of vandalism have been made after a number of WWI crosses were damaged in the North Island town of Huntly.

Antonello Savini said in a Facebook post the vandalism saw numerous white crosses, used as a tribute for Anzac Day, destroyed.

"This act of vandalism is insensitive to our united community, the RSA, and all the families of our nation who lost their soldiers and loved ones during the war," his post says.

"The perpetrators must face justice!"

Huntly RSA president Frank McInally told Stuff the whereabouts of some of the soldiers was never determined, and many did not have a grave.

"Some low lifes have crawled out from under a stone and decided to drive across the park and flatten them."

The RSA planted about 100 crosses a fortnight ago, and only 63 were not damaged, Stuff reports.

"A lot of work goes into them and a lot of work goes into the research too, but it's not about the money - it's disrespectful," McInally told Stuff.

Police were reportedly notified of the incident.


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