Cannabis celebration 'Harvest Festival' forced into two venues after council and police intervene

A cannabis festival has been split into two locations after intervention from the Dunedin City Council and police.

The Harvest Festival was scheduled to take place at Woodside Glen on Saturday April 20 - a worldwide day to celebrate all things marijuana.

But on Thursday, organisers were met by council representatives and police and trespassed from the park.

Left scrambling, organisers have now split the festival between a venue in Gore and the Whakamana Cannabis Museum in Dunedin.

The venues are more than two hours away from each other.

"We're relying on offering transport from the museum to the Gore venue twice a day," festival organiser Joe Nicolson said.

He says the council wasn't honest with them.

"There's been a lot of lies and deceit. We tried to do things right by getting resource consent. We've lost that level of trust."

The Whakamana Cannabis Museum isn't pleased with the change either.

"A lot of people have made the trip from outside of Dunedin and for some, the move to Gore will be the nail in the coffin," curator Abe Gray told Newshub, "so we are opening the museum to host musicians and festival goers that can't make the trip."

Attendees have shared their frustration with the turn of events.

"Are you serious? This is in f**king Gore now? How do I get my refund?" wrote one irate punter on the Facebook event page.

"Are we able to get a refund?" wrote another.

"I paid $600 for two golden bud tickets and from the looks of things I'm not going to get what I paid for."