Car uses Waterview bike lane on morning commute

An Auckland cyclist was stunned to find herself sharing her morning commute on a bike path with a car.

Jessica Rose was using the shared Waterview bike and pedestrian path on Tuesday morning with her husband, when they were confronted by the car.

Rose told Newshub the driver "didn't seem too interested in having a conversation".

"It was really, really clear that that wasn't a place they were supposed to be driving... we said, 'hey look you're not supposed to be driving here', and 'you know this is a cycle path' and they just didn't want to engage - and wanted to drive that cycleway!"

The driver took off, going all the way from the Phyllis St carpark to Unitech.

"It's a bit frustrating to have one person in a way kind of spoil things for others," Rose said.

Rose insists the Waterview path does have adequate bollards and this driver went out of their way to access the path in their vehicle.

"It's such an unusual space for someone driving a car to make such a massive, massive effort to try and get in the way - I mean, what were they trying to prove?"

"We put these things in for a reason and we really need people to be a bit respectful of that."

She loves the Auckland bike paths and insists people should be safe sending their kids on them.

"But it's always interesting when you get these funny car driver behaviours where... they'll drive over the bollards on the Nelson St cycleway and they'll park in the middle of the Quay St bike path. It's an interesting attitude that some people have, thinking they can take their vehicles anywhere."

Auckland Transport spokesperson Mark Hannan said what the driver did was "totally unacceptable" but it's a police matter as it involves a moving vehicle, and they have no jurisdiction over that.


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