Christchurch terror attack: Shooter aimed at four-year-old girl's head, father says

The father of a young girl critically injured in the Christchurch shooting has revealed the shooter aimed straight at her head.

On March 15, 50 people were killed and many others injured during shootings at two Christchurch mosques.

On Monday, the father revealed to Radio New Zealand he tried to protect his young daughter. The first bullet hit her bottom, the second her stomach, and the third her toes.

He was also injured in the attacks. He believes the shooter "was planning to hit her in the head", he told RNZ's Checkpoint.

"It was a very tough time what happened because that was her first time [going to the mosque] and I was so happy that she [was] coming with me."

They were then confronted by a friend running out of the mosque yelling, at him to run.

Unsure of what was happening, he told RNZ he saw what he thought was someone from the military emerging from the mosque.

"I saw his eyes looking straight to my hands, like straight to her head," he said.

After his daughter was shot, he threw her between the footpath and a car for protection and threw himself next to her.

Afterwards, as people came to help, he urged them to take care of his daughter.

The pair arrived separately at the hospital. He said he told the doctors he was okay: "I'm fine, just save my daughter," he said.

On Thursday, he revealed in a Facebook video his daughter had suffered brain damage.

He believes his daughter "will get better".

"I do believe in God, I do believe in miracles," he told RNZ.


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