Christchurch terror attack: Where are all our donations going?

It's been three weeks since the Christchurch massacre, in which 50 people were murdered.

Donations pages have raised nearly $10 million for the victims, and questions are being asked around where the money is going.

The Project spoke to Victim Support CEO Kevin Tso about how the donations are being used.

He said he was amazed at just how generous New Zealand and the rest of the world were.

"We expected around $200,000 and growing to this extent was just beyond our wildest dreams," he said on Tuesday night.

In terms of where the money is going, he told The Project it's being used to meet immediate needs.

"We're meeting immediate needs for emergency grants. So our initial grants are $15,000 for each family who has lost a loved one, and $5000 for each person injured."

Victim Support is also supplying families with emergency supplies.

"So that's food, accommodation, even driving lessons, where mum needs to have the ability to drive as she has lost her husband."

He says the organisation wishes to work with the public to ensure transparency regarding funds.

"We want to work with all parties, including the public, to ensure there's good accountability, and the donors know we're not using the money for any administration, or for Victim Support - it's all going to the victims,"

In the three weeks since the shooting, $1.7 million has been donated to the families of the victims.



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