Clarke Gayford on the 'surreal' way life has changed since Jacinda Ardern became Prime Minister

Clarke Gayford's life has changed dramatically since his partner Jacinda Ardern became Prime Minister.

From small town beginnings in Gisborne, to meeting the Queen and Donald Trump, Gayford told The Rock Morning Rumble hosts he's come a long way.

"There's a voice in the back of my head saying 'You're a long way from Gisborne now, bro'," he explained.

In the interview, he discussed the time he met US President Donald Trump, and his wife Melania - but admits it probably could have gone smoother.

“There was this big flag pole thing, and I went to turn and just knocked it,” he said, through laughter.

“It just came crashing down and I went to pick it up – this long pointy thing that looked a bit like a weapon, and someone in uniform came running over like ‘Just leave it... leave it!”

At least the President’s wife was kind about the ordeal though.

“Melania was going ‘It’s okay, it’s okay!”

Gayford says his new life is still surreal to him sometimes. On his most recent trip to China with Ardern, for example, he was allowed to walk through the Forbidden City, alone except for his security guards.

"They want to show off China as best they can, and they asked if I wanted to go and see the Forbidden City," he told host Bryce Casey.

"It was shut down but they opened it up for me and there are usually 80,000 people. It was so surreal; it was this really still day.

"And there were just crows, and they assigned security to me so I just had these guys with earpieces."

Watch the full interview above.