Dancing with the Stars causes a spike in dancing injury claims says ACC

Accident Compensation Corporation says Dancing with the Stars can cause a spike in dancing injury claims, because it encourages people to get back on the dance floor.

 Dancing injuries cost it $7.5million last year.

Ballet caused the most injuries, with 427 claims. The majority of those were for ankle, knee and foot problems.

Hip-hop dancers filed plenty of claims too. They hurt their backs, knees and ankles. 

Ballroom dancing is not entirely safe either with 42 claims, and some for neck and head injuries.

But twerking, made infamous by David Seymour last year, has caused only a handful of injuries - four in five years.

ACC isn't telling Kiwis not to dance, as the benefits far outweigh any risks.

It's just reminding rusty dancers to do some prep before hitting the floor.