Hawke's Bay teen attempts to break Guinness World Record on swing

A Hawke's Bay high school student is attempting to break a world record by swinging on a swing for 40 hours.

Charlie O'Brien, 16, isn't even half through his attempt and has battled through motion sickness and a numb backside.

Kate Shellard, O'Brien's friend, had been at Taradale Park since 6am on Wednesday helping keep her friend motivated.

"We got about 40 minutes in and he started to feel sick… and then we got another two hours in and he started to feel sick again. I think he's doing all right now," Shellard told Newshub.

Constantly swinging is no easy feat, and O'Brien and his team of supporters have taken precautions for any difficulties he may face.

"We have people bringing him gingernut biscuits, to help settle his stomach. His butt started getting a bit sore but he's got a cushion now," Shellard said.

Charlie O'Brien is attempting to swing his way to a world record.
Charlie O'Brien is attempting to swing his way to a world record. Photo credit: Kate Shellard

O'Brien must have four people with him at all times as an official Guinness World Record rule. Shellard says this will be important as O'Brien swings through the night.

"I think when we start getting into the night he's going to struggle to keep himself going," she said.

O'Brien is allowed a five-minute break for every hour he swings, but is able to stack his breaks to give him a longer rest.

"Currently he is doing four hours and then taking a five minute break, so that he will be able to have a half an hour break tonight."  

Shellard says O'Brien plans to have a power nap in that time, so he can get his energy up.

The current world record stands at 32 hours, but to meet the teenager's goal of 40 hours will mean he can stop swinging at 10pm on Thursday evening.

Shellard says he is doing well so far.

"He says he's feeling good, he's pushing through!"


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