Hawke's Bay teen breaks world record for longest time on swing

Hawke's Bay teenager Charlie O'Brien has set a new world record for the longest time swinging on a swing.

The 16-year-old has been constantly swinging at Taradale Park since 6am on Wednesday. At 2:15pm on Thursday he broke the previous world record of 32 hours.

A large crowd cheered and applauded, but O'Brien kept on swinging.

"I feel like I've got knots in my legs and I probably look like a ghost," he told NZME.

Kate Shellard says everyone is "hyped as". She called out to her friend, O'Brien, when he broke the record, asking how he was feeling.

"I feel sick, dude!" he replied.

Charlie is aiming to keep swinging until 10pm on Thursday evening.
Charlie is aiming to keep swinging until 10pm on Thursday evening. Photo credit: Kate Shellard

"He's had an adrenaline rush," Shellard says. "He's going to keep it up I reckon."

O'Brien, a Taradale High School student, has battled motion sickness and a numb backside throughout the challenge.

"We got about 40 minutes in and he started to feel sick," Shellard told Newshub on Wednesday. "Then we got another two hours in and he started to feel sick again."

Constantly swinging is no easy feat, and O'Brien and his team of supporters had taken precautions for any difficulties he may have faced.

"We have people bringing him gingernut biscuits to help settle his stomach. His butt started getting a bit sore but he's got a cushion now," Shellard said.

Charlie has now gotten off the swing, bringing his total time spent swinging to 33 hours, 11 minutes and one second. 

The teenager originally planned to keep swinging until he met the 40-hour mark. This will mean he would have stopped swinging at 10pm on Thursday.




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