'It was massive': Man reacts to rockfall at Fox Glacier

An Australian man on holiday in New Zealand says the massive rockfall he caught on film at Fox Glacier on Friday was something he's only seen in documentaries.

Clifton Schulke took a video as he flew over the glacier on Friday and said he "couldn't believe it was happening".

"We went up for a snow landing - we had already done our landing and were on our way down when we saw the rock slip," Schulke told Newshub.

Schulke, who has a video production business called Film Platter, said the video doesn't do the magnitude of the rockfall justice.

"It was massive," he said.

"I've only ever seen stuff like that on documentaries. It was easily the biggest rockfall I've ever seen."

The glacier is constantly moving and there are regular rock falls.

"It must've been thousands of tonnes of rock," Schulke said.

Fox glacier is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the West Coast.

The Waiho Bridge was destroyed in devastating storms last month, cutting off the nearby Franz Josef township and threatening the local tourism industry.

The rebuilt bridge opened at the weekend, just 17 days after the original was destroyed.


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