Killer Beez gang leader Josh Masters believed to be man shot in Mt Wellington

The critically injured man who was shot at a Harley Davidson dealership in Auckland is thought to be the leader of prominent street gang the Killer Beez.

After the shooting, a woman appeared at the police cordon and asked a reporter "is my brother still there?"

She then spoke to a police officer, before driving away at high speed.

After she had left, another woman arrived at the cordon, identified herself as Masters' sister, and said her brother had been shot, reports Stuff.

Initial enquiries at the scene of the shooting indicated the offender had fled the area. 

The gunman remains on the run but police think they know who he is.

The victim is undergoing surgery for what is believed to be a chest wound.

Masters was arrested in 2008 for dealing P, and money laundering.

He allegedly continued to run the Killer Beez from prison with the gang allegedly being involved in a 2013 Waikato prison riot, and attacks on guards at Auckland Prison in 2016.

Masters' was released from prison in 2018, having served almost 10 years.

He was under special conditions, which included no association with gang members, no consuming alcohol, and being subject to GPS monitoring.




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