Lower Hutt store owner frustrated as 'buttplug bandits' strike again

The infamous "buttplug bandits" have bought on new members to the group.
The infamous "buttplug bandits" have bought on new members to the group. Photo credit: Facebook

A Lower Hutt Peaches and Cream store owner is angry after the infamous "buttplug bandits" targeted her store for the second time.

The original bandits are two "rugged-looking" women, who allegedly stole from the store in February when they took a number of items including two anal climaxers.

They seem to have expanded their group, with the store owner posting pictures on Facebook of two men who stole from the shop she believes are linked to them.

The owner refers to the men as "Dumb and Dumber", and shared on a community Facebook page what took place during the Saturday night robbery.

"Dumb and Dumber" made a run for it with numerous products, but the owner managed to scare the pair when she screamed for help.

"Apparently me yelling HELP STOP THIEF HELP gave Dummy 1 a fright and he dropped almost everything," she wrote.

"Dummy 2" only managed to get away with a three-inch penis extender  and a GirlGasm arousal gel, with his mate scattering $300 worth of stock on the ground during their escape.

"Dummy 1" also managed to drop the pair's get-away car key, which the owner has handed into police.

The owner said one of the original bandits then turned up, who she refers to as "C.H".

"While we were waiting for our lovely local police to arrive, one of the original bandits, who we'll call C.H, came to the door trying to find a key that 'her friend' had dropped," she wrote.

C.H and her friend stayed with the get-away car, and eventually smashed the back door to retrieve their belongings.

The owner finished the post by writing she was "sick" of thieving group.

"We're sick of Miss C.H and her male friends trying to target our store so let's get them identified and charged."

She said the get-away car key is at the Lower Hutt police station, and told the bandits to pop in and collect it anytime.

"Save the police going out in the cold," the owner added.

The owner has been praised for posting pictures of the perpetrators, who most Facebook users agree are "a bunch of total losers."

"What a bunch of total losers, [this is] like an episode of a comedy show," one user wrote.

Another Facebook user commented they were worried the owner was out of pocket.

"Always out of pocket, sadly. The stuff Dummy 1 dropped might have been recovered but it's damaged and can't be sold," the owner replied.

Police have confirmed the matter is still being investigated, and they are following positive lines of inquiry.



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