'Never a doubt': Christchurch RSA's defiant response to Anzac cancellations

The Christchurch RSA has a defiant response to the cuts to Anzac Day events around the country - theirs won't be shut down.

Following the Christchurch terror attack, police have recommended increased security for memorial services - and some events have been combined with others to ensure there is enough security available.

In Auckland, there will be just 26 commemorative events across the city on April 25, down from last year's 84. Representatives for the RSAs in Te Atatu, Manurewa, Helensville ,Titirangi and Matakana all told Newshub they'd been put under pressure to cancel their events.

However it won't stop New Zealand's oldest RSA in the very city targeted by terror.

"There was never a doubt, never a doubt," says Christchurch RSA president Pete Dawson.

"If we don't do that and we can't return to normality, then someone who shouldn't have won has won."

There will be heavy security and foot traffic only to Cranmer Square for the event.

Police say there are no specific threats to any services, but the RSA says that doesn't ensure everyone's safety.

"I believe they will be safe, who knows," says the RSA's chief executive, Jack Steer.

"I don't believe the events of last two weeks would happen. I can't guarantee that."

Henderson RSA has decided to do an indoor service that will be open to members only, while Point Chevalier RSA is still waiting to see if it can be held.

Papanui RSA in Christchurch is waiting to hear from police if it can hold the service.

Police say they will have a visible presence across events on the day, and it's working to ensure that those services requiring a police presence are prioritised and police resources are deployed appropriately.