'Only in Taumarunui' - keen hunter carries dead deer through McDonald's drive-thru

A young hunter has made the most Kiwi McDonald's run ever, after strolling through the drive-thru with a freshly killed deer on his back.

Tehanairo Tetawhero was returning home from a hunt with his mates on Saturday, when they decided to "finish the night with a bang," and get a feed.

The Taumarunui local and his mates pulled in to a local Maccas to make their less-than-traditional drive-thru order.

The 21-year-old prankster hauled a dead deer on to his shoulders, and strolled up to the intercom.

Video posted to Facebook shows the man calmly ordering a cheeseburger and a McChicken, while his friends laugh uncontrollably from the car.

"[The McDonald's employee] was in shock really - she didn't really know what to say, 'cause the deer head was just hanging down right in front of the window," Tetawhero told Newshub.

The video has received almost 20,000 views since it was posted on Saturday, and has been shared almost a thousand times.

Tetawhero told Newshub he had no idea the video would go so viral.

"I just thought it was gonna be a laugh for the town."

Comments on the video show it was definitely a laugh.

"No car, no worries cuzzy!" said one viewer.

"He's got the mean kai on his back!" wrote another

"Way better than Maccas."