Panmure locals mourn the loss of iconic roundabout sign

A giant retro-style sign that's marked the centre of an Auckland suburb for 25 years is being removed to allow for road works.

The teal-coloured icon at the heart of Panmure roundabout is a local landmark with its space-inspired symbol on top.

"It's like a gateway signage, even though it's a town centre, you know you're home when you pass it," Maungakiekie-Tāmaki local board member Nerissa Henry said.

But after 25 years, the historic sign is being taken down.

The construction of a new $1.4 billion eastern busway means the roundabout will be replaced with a traffic light intersection, and the sign has to go.

Auckland Transport's Norman Collier said it will be taken down over Easter weekend.

"Yes it's got to come down and it's a pity for some, and we recognise that and we're definitely going to engage with the public to find a home for it in the future."

The sign has been at the centre of the roundabout since 1994, and once it's been taken down it will go into storage until a new home can be found.

While it's safely tucked away, there's the option of refurbishing the sign or even upcycling and redesigning it. Whatever happens, locals agree it needs to go back on display.

"Move it somewhere that people can still see it," one man told Newshub.

One woman suggested it go somewhere closer to the train station, while another said it should be visible because it's "part of the nature of the place".


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