PM Jacinda Ardern condemns Brian Tamaki as 'irresponsible' for prison revolt threats

The Prime Minister has condemned Brian Tamaki for his threats to incite violence in prisons.

Tamaki posted on Twitter earlier on Monday, warning he would cause inmate revolts in every prison if his programme Man Up was not allowed in.

However, Jacinda Ardern said in a post-Cabinet conference on Monday that it's no surprise Tamaki's programme isn't in prisons, as he has never applied.

"We've made the point time and time again there is a process we have to go through when anyone is seeking to put a programme into corrections," said Ardern.

She then confirmed Man Up has not gone through that process.

"They repeatedly criticise the Government for not putting them into prisons, but then do nothing to formally make an attempt to put anything to Corrections and enter into prisons," said Ardern.

"Brian Tamaki is trying to make a claim he's been denied the ability to offer a programme in prison - he's never formally tried, is my understanding."

She then condemned Tamaki himself, calling him irresponsible.

"I do think it's irresponsible to incite violence in the prison system because you're not getting your way."

In Tamaki's Twitter outburst, he threatened prison revolts, called the Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis a liar, and traded insults with Finance Minister Grant Robertson.



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