Police begging motorists to be safe over Easter weekend

There is an urgent request for motorists to take it easy this holiday season.

It is expected to be extra busy on the roads with Easter, ANZAC and the school holidays falling in the same week.

Police and the New Zealand Transport Agency are urging drivers to slow down and be careful.

Superintendent Steve Greally told Newshub a road trip can be fun, but people need to be aware of safety.

"It's going to be a great time for families to have fun and just to relax, but for god's sake be safe, help us do our job and that is to keep you safe on our roads."

He said people need to take a rest, allow for plenty of time for travel and avoid using a cell phone while driving.

Also, make sure to make it click.

"So many people [involved in fatal crashes] don't wear seat belts... it's amazing the protection you will get from a seatbelt if you take the couple of seconds to put it on."

Seven people died on the roads over Easter in 2018, making last year's road toll for the holiday the highest in eight years.

Greally said no one wants to lose a loved one.

"Our people are out there having to knock on doors of people they've never even met before and tell them that their loved one has died.

"We really don't want to do that."


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