Police warning after scammers try to gain access to employees' salary

Police have issued a warning to businesses and payroll operators after several reports of scammers attempting to gain access to employees' salaries.

In a statement released on Thursday, Southern District Police said the scammers create a fake email address in the name of an employee, and then email that employee's payroll department requesting a change of bank account.

If successful, the scammer gets paid the employee's salary.

"To protect yourself and your employees from this type of scam, ensure that you verify by phone or in person any request to change an employee's bank account details," the statement said.

Police say they've also seen recent instances of another scam where the scammers intercept customer invoices sent by businesses via email.

"The scammers create a false business email account - very similar to the genuine one - then advise the customer that bank account details for payment have changed, thereby pocketing the customer's payment."

For more information on how to recognise, avoid and take action against scams, you can go to the Consumer Protection's Scamwatch webpages.


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