Protesters take to the streets over damning environmental report

A series of protests will take place across New Zealand today following the release of a damning environmental report.

The Environment Aotearoa report found 90 percent of our sea birds and 76 percent of our freshwater fish are at risk of extinction.

"It's kind of grim reading; if you look at the whole state of the environment as one area, you've really got to be concerned," said Ministry for the Environment secretary Vicky Robertson.

Extinction Rebellion (XR) protests in London led to hundreds of arrests after protesters swarmed the streets this week.

"Scientists agree we are witnessing the sixth mass extinction," XR New Zealand spokesperson Rowan Brooks said. "Without drastic action, we are heading towards an unrecognisable planet and widespread misery."

XR is promising non-violent civil disobedience against "climate collapse" in Auckland, Thames, Tauranga, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch and Dunedin.

Auckland's protest will take place in the beach front suburb of Mission Bay, which organiser Lynne Dempsey told Newshub is the perfect location.

"We're driving along here and walking along here, but it's not very high above sea level and another decade and we could be paddling, we could be swimming."

She said Mission Bay is already seeing the impact of increased flooding.

"That whole area going right along to the bays is very low, it's already flooding in certain tides, Tamaki drive has flooded before."

Protesters are being encouraged to dress in swimming clothes, and bring relevant props.