Quiz: Which penguin personality are you most like?

King penguin Loaf.
Handsome Loaf has been dubbed "the jock" of the flock. Photo credit: SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton's

Sassy or sweet, timid or bold, every penguin at SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton's has its own personality - just like people.

For World Penguin Day, Newshub decided to showcase some of the plucky penguins and create a personality quiz to find out which penguin you might be.

Maternal Maggie is the oldest penguin living at the Auckland aquarium and loves to watch over the younger birds, keeper Kristen Buckley told Newshub.

"She is a lovely old girl who enjoys singing for her guests, her fellow penguins and her partner."

On the other end of the scale there's Pamela, the youngest king penguin in the adult flock.

"Pamela is always up to something interesting," keeper Nicky Walker said, adding that the young bird is "still learning how to fully behave as a penguin."

Willow is also quite young and usually quiet and reserved, pretty happy to hang back and watch. However, when new toys come out, she's among the first to stick her beak in while others hang back in fear.

Three king penguins side by side, Maggie, Pamela and Willow
(L to R) King penguins Maggie, Pamela and Willow. Photo credit: SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton's / Supplied

Handsome Loaf has been dubbed "the jock" by the team at Kelly Tarlton's, just as keen as Willow to try out new things.

"[He loves to] show off his athleticism, catching fish in the air being thrown by keepers," Walker said.

When it comes to the shy birds, no one compares to Luther, according to Buckley.

"Luther is a dark and mysterious character who spends the majority of his time alone in the pool," she said.

"Put simply, you'll only ever see him appear when it's time for food."

Then there's Draco, the 'bad boy' gentoo with a secret heart of gold.

"His hobbies include attacking gumboots - or hands!" Buckley said - but he's an "absolute softie and sweetheart" to his mate, Piper.

King penguins Loaf and Luther, and gentoo Draco.
(L to R) King penguins Loaf and Luther, and gentoo Draco. Photo credit: SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton's

Cheeky Xena also makes life difficult for the keepers, "helping" them clean by stealing the brushes and sidling right up close to supervise.

While Xena has her own idea of help, Walker said gentoo Hester also likes to help out the keepers during the morning clean, cheering them on very loudly.

"She has one of the loudest voices, despite her size, and she is not afraid to use it."

Social butterfly Cricket is the "ultimate gal pal" and gets along with all the other penguins, loving the attention she gets from members of the public.

Gentoo penguins Xena, Hester and Cricket.
(L to R) Gentoo penguins Xena, Hester and Cricket. Photo credit: SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton's

"You can often find her strutting around with her chest puffed out and her flippers held back, 'showing off' to anyone watching," Buckley said.

And last but not least, there's little Dobby, a three-year-old gentoo and one of the smallest at Kelly Tarlton's.

Despite his size, he's not afraid of the other gentoos or the big king penguins, even prepared to square-up if required.

Gentoo penguin Dobby.
Gentoo penguin Dobby. Photo credit: SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton's

"To a newbie, he is the last penguin you'd suspect to be guilty, but those who know him best know he is always up to mischief," Walker said.

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