Sir Peter Leitch, the Mad Butcher recovering in hospital after multiple heart surgeries

The founder of the Mad Butcher chain, Sir Peter Leitch, is recovering in hospital after heart surgery and is preparing to have a pacemaker fitted.

He posted on Facebook that he'd been in hospital battling for his life over the past few days - and that he was bloody grateful he woke up.

"I'm not gonna comment individually as I was not at the game I'm in hospital but I've been hospital battling for my life the last few days so I'll leave it at that you're all entitled to your opinion's summary," wrote Leitch on a Facebook post he wrote after the Warriors loss to North Queensland Cowboys on Saturday.

"But I'm not up to again with anyone I'm just bloody greatful I woke up today,

The Warriors fan has been in intensive care following three procedures last week, including two heart valve replacements.

 The 74-year-old is now being transferred to Auckland Hospital but hopes to be home by the weekend.

It's not the Kiwi icon's first health scare - shortly after he was knighted in 2010, he announced he was winning his battle with bladder cancer.

He urged men to go to the doctor and have their prostates checked.



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