South Auckland rattled by sudden and unexplained death

Police are trying to figure out if there's a link between an unexplained death in south Auckland and a shoot-out which happened just minutes before.

There's just a stone's throw between both incidents and several houses have been cordoned off in two streets.

As gun shots rang out Palermo Place on Friday night, neighbours hid in fear.

Local resident Karishma Prasad says she heard what she initially thought were fireworks, but when she looked outside she saw people shooting out of a grey caravan.

"We were so scared and we have kids in the house, we were on the ground just trying to hide ourselves," she says.

The terrifying ordeal lasted just seconds and Prasad says at least six shots were fired.

The caravan quickly sped off and police and the Eagle helicopter were there within minutes.

But just 40 minutes later and just 50 metres away, a man was dead.

Emergency services were called to Aldo Place at around 10pm to what has been called a sudden and unexplained death.

At this stage Police say it isn't related to the shooting on Palermo Place, but it's enough to make some residents consider looking for a new home.

A community rattled in more way than one.


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