Spectacular moment truck is engulfed with flames at Caltex petrol station in Bombay

A truck carrying cardboard has burst into flames and exploded at a petrol station in Bombay.

Fire services were called to the Caltex in south Auckland just before 10.30am on Thursday.

Crews are still in attendance trying to fight the blaze.

There have been no injuries.

The truck driver says he "thought it was steam" until he got out.

Passerby Leon Kang filmed the truck exploding.

"I saw a huge black smoke rising up in the air next to the Caltex gas station... I quickly started to take some photos and then stream it on my Facebook Live," he told Newshub.

"I asked the truck driver what just happened to him? He said to me all he saw was a small fire underneath the truck near to the engine then he ran out to the gas station and left all of his belongings in the truck - even his cellphone.

"Now sadly [everything] in the truck [is] completely burned down into ashes."

During the Facebook Live, Kang repeatedly expressed his shock as explosions tore out.

"Even the firefighter got scared," he said at one point.

Police are also assisting with traffic flow.

Five fire trucks attended the fire.


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