The Salvation Army attempt at beating shopping trucks proving successful

The Salvation Army's attempt at beating dodgy shopping trucks providing flashy goods with inflated interest rates is proving successful for some clients.

'The Good Shop' in South Auckland offers low interest loans for goods from partnered retailers - everything from food to household goods.

"The appliances I got, $16 a week that's cheap over a year," said Shodyn, one of The Good Shop's clients.

It's an attempt to put the high interest shopping trucks out of business.

"It would've cost me an arm and a leg," she said.

The scheme kicked off with a hiss and a roar in February and staff have seen about seven clients on average each day since.

But it's also a case of getting to the right people.

"We actually need the clients at the coalface, the people who it can make a real difference for, to know themselves about it too," said Jodi Hoare, a project manager.

There's always the chance that if potential clients are refused a loan, they will turn to unaffordable alternatives.

"If you live in a lower socio-economic area of New Zealand, you know too well the shopping truck options that are available to you," said Hoare.

The Salvation Army hopes a Bill introduced by the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Kris Faafoi will curb those options.

"We need that law reform to fully endorse and support safer lending."

The Salvation Army will launch a second truck in Wellington in June.